RHA Energy Partners


Our Services

Our services range from traditional energy efficiency measures, to on-site renewable energy opportunities, to progressive energy solutions.

Our services include:

  • Traditional energy efficiency measures (lighting, HVAC, building controls)

  • On-site renewable energy opportunities (solar, wind, renewable resources, electric vehicle infrastructure)

  • Progressive and innovative solutions (energy storage, microgrids, automated demand response)

How We Can Help You

With roots as a professional engineering design firm, our capabilities extend to a suite of professional engineering and design-build services including design, planning and permitting, project financing, bid procurement support, project management, construction management, and general contracting services (as a State of Hawaii B-licensed general contractor – License No. CT-36384).

1. Initial Assessment

A cursory site assessment is conducted to identify potential energy-saving opportunities.

No risk, no obligation engagement.

End-result is a useful facility report on potential energy-savings or facility improvement opportunities, with a road map to achieving program results.

2. Comprehensive Study

If Client decides to proceed further, a comprehensive due-diligence study, Investment Grade Audit or Preliminary Engineering Design Study is conducted to provide the following:

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Opportunities

Technical and Financial Feasibility Assessment

Detailed Financial Analysis

Detailed Construction Cost Estimate & Financial Cost-Savings Benefit Analysis

Program Implementation Plan & Project Milestone Schedule

Project Financing Options

3. Program Implementation

Based on the Client's decision to proceed, this phase moves into formal project and program implementation including:

Final Engineering Design Plans


Equipment and Subcontractor Procurement

Project Management and Construction Management

Planning & Development

  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Energy Audits
  • Project Development
  • Management & Sustainability Program Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Engineering & Design

  • Energy Consulting Services
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Design-Build Services
  • Permitting Services

Project Financing Support

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Energy Savings Service Agreements
  • Commercial Loan & Leasing Support

General Contracting, Construction & Project Management

  • Project Management & Construction Management Services
  • Licensed "B" Contractor (License # CT-36384)
  • Energy Management Services

We are Technology Agnostic and Vendor Neutral

We do not represent any equipment manufactures and are not product vendors. We are unbiased in our evaluations and recommendations of viable technologies and solutions. As such, we provide our clients with a trusted partner in identifying the best-valued solutions, tailored to meet their specific needs.